Stress of Saving the World

Saving the world, Darth Vader

Achieving your goals is not easy, the stress that comes with it is not to be taken lightly. Stress is something I am accustom to, it is a friend of mine. A friend I wish I could throw into the sea and see drown. Stress can be invigorating sometimes, pushing me to overcome the challenge it lays at my feet. Then other times it can be like Darth Vader giving me a force choke, hard to loosen that grip.

Stress unchecked leads to depression, I have avoided that nowadays. Though I will have my low days, I do not go through chronic series of sadness or negative and debilitating thoughts of my presence in the world. Stronger than that I am, yet I still fear current stress of trying to start a business might be the trigger that does a better job than the kids that used to tease me back in high school.

Golden bullet, my dismal relationship might be the thing that hurts the most right now. Still trying to deal with that, yet here I am taking shots from other stresses that have grown to take over the relief of being in that relationship. Pulling triggers like cowboys, the various stress from my mother, my business, my future chase me and have me ducking for cover.

Not even going to deny it, I enjoy it almost. Wait I enjoy Darth Vader giving me a force choke? Well not really, but it is known that the hard experiences of life teach us more about life. This is why I say a street urchin might lack intelligence in certain academic areas but is wiser and knows more about life in general than a rich educated individual.

The stress pushes me to change, morph, challenge going further than my station. So I may not enjoy being force choked by him, but I would treasure the opportunity to challenge Darth Vader in a light saber fight (after much rigorous training with Yoda). I love the challenges, the stress that comes with it is hard to fight but I do not progress if I do not take on challenges.

This is where your common sense must step in, you have to know how much stress you can withstand. If you have a high lofty goal (eg. Become as rich as Meek Mill) decide how you going to get there, the steps you have to take.

Let me use the Star Wars as an example to convey this. You have to defeat Darth Vader, you have never used a light saber before and know nothing about the force. Naturally, you decide you need the training to get to that level so you can contest Darth Vader or lose like a bitch (find out how to get there).

So you get a mentor Yoda and train like hell, learning the basics of swordplay, how to use the force. As far as how to fight like a boss in general, Han Solo can teach you that better than Yoda I think (do the steps you have to take to get there).

Let us get back to the real world. Then ask yourself do you really have what it takes to get all this done, much less trying to? Trying is half the battle, achieving is the other half. If you realize you can not achieve it after trying, ask yourself do you need training or an expert to do it for you?

Then comes the moment of truth where you have look at how far you have reached and ask yourself is it worth the stress right now to continue or be happy with what you have achieved.

“Being the best Jedi on the side of good is great and all but you must save the Universe, at least try!”

We are in the real world now, why bring back Star Wars to haunt me (was actually trying to avoid battling Vader). Blast alright give me my light saber. Everyone enjoys that Star Wars series with Luke Skywalker.

No one considers the amount of stress he is under to face imminent death in those actions scenes and then to face against Darth Vader under the premise of possibly killing him, his own father I might add. Trust me that level of stress is immeasurable.

But Luke handled it well, Meek handles his newfound wealth well also the stress of those big lives are not to be underestimated. Know you the stress you take on, have control over it. Never let it control you. Stress is never easy to take but with the right amount of willpower and application you can withstand and save the universe or get stupid rich whichever is your goal.

David Shaw is a certified nerd and scum of the earth. Jamaican by birth, he enjoys long walks and the simple things in life. He is also an entrepreneur, writer and graphic designer. Check out his work on his website or follow his mundane madness on twitter @davidcs_aw, google, pinterest

Stress of Saving the World

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