Focus or Gamble or Control

rolled dice

What are you working towards, why do you live, what is your purpose? The questions free spirited and willed persons are afraid of. To answer these questions to some people might feel like you are restricting or limiting yourself to a narrow life or goal. But many people may not realize you will never gain much from spending your time on many things (especially wasteful ones) or spontaneously making decisions at whim.

Where in this case, spending your life or chances at many things, a life of control would make you a jack of trade and master of none, which is not bad. While living life on the whim would make you a gambler of life essentially, that’s the gist of it anyway. While focusing on one or few goal(s) which makes you through practice and dedication a master or expert in that area.

From my experience either way of living is fine, no one method is better than the other, I think the question you should ask is not which is better but which is best for you? To add I personally live the life of focusing on one goal.

So what is wrong with living for many things or goals?

Nothing this is the life many people live, serving many masters and people of or under their own status. Whether they be family, friends, employer acquaintances etc. This makes these people more holistic, and usually able to adapt to situations better.

The problem starts when you are giving time to pointless efforts, unscrupulous people or valueless goals. Then you become stretched this is something that can stress the person greatly especially in a situation where they have a weakness to the person or thing using their time and effort.

So these people tend to not understand or rely on sacrificing much in their everyday process. Where they prefer to hold on to bad or pointless things, people and goals, choosing freedom is hard for them.

You know what it is like for an aspiring entrepreneur to say they will start a business, while managing their own family plus their extra activities (sports, games, partying), their baby mother, their terminally sick brother, expenses etc. Entrepreneurs cannot live a life of sweating for pointless or needless things when all that time and resources can be devoted to starting their business.

Trust me it will stress that person and if you are living a life like that, you will get stress unless you have good time management skills or a lot of resources.

Living life on the whim is preferred by people who want to have a little more freedom. You live giving your time to specific things at certain times depending on mood mostly. You are not dedicated to most things and switching your opinion on them happens often. To be honest this seems like a life of control but it actually is not. It is the Life of a gambler.

When you are living your life for a varied amount of things or persons, you have a dedication to them somewhat. The life of a gambler is lived with little reservations or dedication. So they will not sweat for pointless or disadvantageous when they can switch to something else more favorable.

This is actually a good way to avoid risk, toxic living and people. Since people tend to control these situations, gamblers straight just leave it alone. Gamblers move till they find the best thing for them.

The quality of experience will be low as a gambler since you only taste it.

The problem with this life is they are less likely to focus on anything since they just jump from ship to ship. So they never become good enough to call themselves jack of trades more times. Most of their success is based off innate talent if not luck. So they are more self-reliant than people of the control variety but lack potent skill considering the people of the focus variety.

Living your life with a focus, means you focus on as few things as possible of not one. The point is to master that area of expertise and let the benefits of that expertise carry you throughout the rest of your life.

This type of living has dedication towards one thing, leaving out many things or persons to experience. Naturally, this Is where the problem starts. When you focus you ignore everything else. This can be narrow-minded and prevent you from experiencing things you should be participating in.

So you will get left out, by the time you realize it you miss the opportunity to gain that experience ever again.

A life of control is more wholesome, the life of a gambler might be good if you are avoiding attachment in your current position on purpose and just need a taste. While the life of focus is preferred for short periods of time, it is not recommended for the full living of life you must try to experience other things for a good way of life.

David Shaw is a certified nerd and scum of the earth. Jamaican by birth, he enjoys long walks and the simple things in life. He is also an entrepreneur, writer and graphic designer. Support him on Patreon Check out his work on his website or follow his mundane madness on twitter @davidcs_aw, google, pinterest

Focus or Gamble or Control

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