Can Money make you happy?


Money is something everybody chases. When you come from a tier of poverty it is hard not to feel that money is important. Because without it, you will not be able to buy the things you really need for your survival. But that does not mean money is important to happiness. Here is why I say this.

Money buys things, these things you buy help you in some way or another. But is it the solution to everybody’s problems? No, it is not, but it can help buy and pay for something to help you. Other than that it really has no use.

It is the things that have a value attached to them that help you. Many of these things you can get for free if you know where to look or if you are lucky. Once you understand that you have learned the first rule to managing money. Which is to accept it is limited by its use.

Whatever you decide to use it for that is what you get out of it. So if you use it on video games and fast food do not complain about not having any money at the end of the month. You were the one that used it after all.

If you used it to buy seeds and pots to grow provisions, with a little bit of work you can expect food grown ready to eat months later. The point is money is not important, what you use it for is.

Once I understood that I did not equate having money to making me happy. Friends, family, my job, my hobbies, my life is happy. Money assists in this but that is all it does it assists. It does not truly solidify my happiness.

It is important to your status and progress in life, as things cost money, unfortunately. As far as happiness it cannot help in that area. There were days in the past when I would be hungry and still happy.

Gladly I am doing better now since I have been using my money wisely. But remember this money cannot make you happy, only you make yourself happy.

David Shaw is a certified nerd and scum of the earth. Jamaican by birth, he enjoys long walks and the simple things in life. He is also an entrepreneur, writer and graphic designer. Support him on Patreon Check out his work on his website or follow his mundane madness on twitter @davidcs_aw, google, pinterest

Can Money make you happy?

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