Why I do not get Angry

Anger is something I used to have a problem with. Nowadays it does not even phase me, much less occur. Anger at people I did not like and the injustices in my life truly gripped me and became a fixture in my life. Essentially I was an irate and bitter person. What has changed so much that I almost do not get angry anymore?

No, I did not find a new religion. Though that would seem likely when you think about it, people would assume your angry mind was relieved by the experience of some new philosophy or mindset (probably the eastern ones).

Well, I will admit, my philosophy and way of thinking have changed but the change comes from not some old philosophy. But a new one, entrepreneurship, that is why my anger and angry behavior has lessened extensively.

People have done many wrongs to me and still do. I used to unleash on them, but I have stopped. The perspective and disdain for certain things and people I have not changed. But my approach has.

That time in my adulthood had come. Looking at myself, I had to realize I was going backward not forward. Just because I cared about people and things that I hated, by getting angry I am exhorting effort towards what has angered me.

That is a waste of time in my opinion, so I started to stop caring about people trying to screw with me or problems in my life. When I started thinking like an entrepreneur, I realized all those things are a waste of time. When I could be working my butt off to earn some money I am arguing with someone about something meaningless.

As an entrepreneur I learned one important thing, never care about the problem, care about the solution. Once I learned that great advice, I realized people tend to care about arguing about the problem but never solving it. People tend to waste time and throw blankets over the problem rather than face up to the problem.

Once I adopted the mindset of not caring about the problem, but solving the solution I realized I was getting into fewer arguments and becoming less angry and more at peace. So It was not that I stopped caring I just stopped caring about the wrong things.

As time passed I applied the same principle to putting forward my efforts towards important things. If it was not advancing me and of no personal importance, trust me I would not care. Hence I would not get frustrated and stressed about it enough to get angry.

You know where my anger goes, my graphic designs, my stories I write, the novel I am writing. That is where my anger is going, straight into my business. That is why I work so hard, that is why when I lose I get better and work harder to win.

Because all my anger goes into my hands and mental power to succeed, anger is something I control. Why get angry at my life and at people putting me down, when I can get successful and watch them hate me and wish to be me.

The perfect victory.

David Shaw is a certified nerd and scum of the earth. Jamaican by birth, he enjoys long walks and the simple things in life. He is also an entrepreneur, writer and graphic designer. Support him on Patreon Check out his work on his website or follow his mundane madness on twitter @davidcs_aw, google, pinterest

Why I do not get Angry

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