Some People Cannot Handle the Truth

cheating man in a relationship, hurts

The truth is hard to accept, this is why many say it is better to lie. But in relationships is that best? To be honest I cannot accurately say which is better. To lie or tell the truth, you have to remember telling the truth is best when it comes to being respectful to your partner. But it is not every situation that requires hard truth from you.

Example, you cheated on your partner. You feel this urge to admit that you cheated. Is that the right thing to do? If you’re a Christian that would be right, you cannot chant the words of the bible and be lying to your partner. Much less committing adultery, the power of your relationship with God and your partner will be tested but is a part of the process.

If you look at it as a normal human relationship, then no, you say not a damn thing to your partner. Think about it, the fact of cheating does not benefit your partner. All your doing is relieving your stress (conscience) to force your partner to accept your transgression. Which stresses them out as they are forced to now acknowledge you betrayed them and in that same breath want them to forgive you. Best advice just do not cheat again simple.

So, you are probably asking, why do I make a difference between religious and non-religious? Because religion answers to a higher power, that and being a liar in hypocrisy is one of the worst things you can be on this earth. Being a liar in itself is tolerable, as far as the hypocrisy towards the partner that is all on the cheater’s conscience to deal with. Where if you have your own moral higher power, then you should tell your partner otherwise your own morals is pointless.

Stress, you should not transfer to the partner. People love to say that they love their partners to be honest about such things. Problem with that is, the only people that say that is usually the ones who do not forgive, which rightly so they should not. Once you tell them, they thank you, pack their bags and leave.

Well at least they are thankful. If the relationship is not a marriage or your devoted to God. Then do yourself a favour, say nothing. I am not condoning this behaviour of cheating. But hurting your partner is not worth it most times.

Some people just cannot handle the truth.

David Shaw is a certified nerd and scum of the earth. Jamaican by birth, he enjoys long walks and the simple things in life. He is also an entrepreneur, writer and graphic designer. Support him on Patreon Check out his work on his website or follow his mundane madness on twitter @davidcs_aw, google, pinterest

Some People Cannot Handle the Truth

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