Trust in the New World


They say being trustworthy is likely to get you betrayed and treated as a fool by the cunning folk. Funny though I came to realise that is not true. Trusting people is not foolish. Trust is how you make connections and set the road to deep understanding of the person you trust.

Without trust, deep connections are difficult. You cannot feel comfortable around a person you do not trust. Instead, you feel apprehension. Another human being knows and understands when trust is built they can feel it. They can feel trust just a well as they can feel distrust.  A person that feels distrust from you will be more cautious around you.

I know I would be because once I know there is distrust I would be more careful around you. That is just simple fact. What I say, what I believe or do will be controlled accordingly. We as humans do not show our true colors around people we do not trust unless we decide to show it on purpose.

It is not to say we do not show ourselves to new people. We want people to know who we are. Like when people who do not know each other enter into a room. They can choose not to talk, as they are afraid of expressing who they are.

If you did, that is the first level of trust set. As more conversation carries on more trust grows. Actions observed by you build up the opinion you have of that person hence your trust. How long this trust takes to build up to its height depends on the person. It goes the same way when you think of it. Trust takes time to build, even if you trust them they still have to trust you.

So without trust, a person’s life will be lonely and empty as they will have very few connections with people. Whatever connections that person does have is shallow and thin. But let us be real the main reason people do not trust is the toll of betrayal. Trust me it is a heavy price. But it must be paid.

You will not grow mentally if you never experienced a betrayal of trust at some point in life. It not only tempers you for the real world but it teaches you why you should not break someone’s trust yourself. You already felt the pain, so why would you want to pass it on?

So trust people, you cannot live on the edge weary of everyone around you. Trust yourself, you are tougher than you look, you can get trough this remember that.

David Shaw is a certified nerd and scum of the earth.
Jamaican by birth, he enjoys long walks and the simple things in life.
He is also an entrepreneur, writer and graphic designer.
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Trust in the New World

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