Wasting Time

hourglass of time

Time has helped me much to understand the value of it. If I used time better in the past I would be in a better situation. If I wasted less time on fruitless things I would be in a better situation. If I lived like that would it be better?

Time is valuable. But what would I gain if I min/max as a gamer would call it. It is a gaming term to refer to essentially the process of maxing out all the stats and options on a player character. So if you are playing a video game, to min/max means you want your character to have all the rewards, all the enhancements on top of completing the game to 100%.

It can be compared to living your life to a strict schedule (personally and professionally), watching each food and its content you are eating and making stark measurements of how to do each task efficiently even brushing your teeth.

That is a very organized way of living and for some people would be a personal hell. Not everything needs to be so exact. Not everything can be future driven, sometimes you want to do stuff just for the spirit of the moment.

Time, it has taught me that the stupid mistakes, dumb stuff I wasted time on, the pointless things I wasted time on were worth it. Otherwise, I would not have noted those things were wasteful in the first place. Got to experience something to really be able to know the advantages and disadvantages, it was the same with me.

The things we want to do are not meaningless, the same goes for things we need to do. This is why we should now and then have harmless spontaneous pointless fun to get the juices flowing. No matter how much I work towards my future I never forget that.

David Shaw is a certified nerd and scum of the earth.
Jamaican by birth, he enjoys long walks and the simple things in life.
He is also an entrepreneur, writer and graphic designer.
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Wasting Time

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