Wisdom to Make The Right Choice


They say with great wisdom you will never make the wrong choice. Well, let me dissect that statement. Thinking on the worst decisions I have ever made. I realize there is a correlation, lack of knowledge. When I think I know enough and I do something it usually fails. When I definitely know enough and I do something it succeeds.

That is why I place so much importance on knowledge and the information gathered. Because it does help me make better decisions. When it came to relationships, It is the same thing I do stupid things that jeopardize the relationship. Because I do not know about my partner as much as I think I do.

Rejecting knowledge is the same thing as being ignorant. Where you try to stay ignorant, you will not make many wise decisions if your ignorant or refusing knowledge. But I suppose you think by reading this now I am telling you to accept all knowledge and information you get right?


That is likely to be your downfall. Not every piece of knowledge or information will be true, misinformation is more prevalent especially on the internet. Then the next question has to be asked will the information be beneficial to you.

Think about it, the message of the Bible might mean nothing to me. But when I hear the words of Buddhism, it literally touches my soul. Setting it ablaze, I feel inspired and become a Buddhist. We as humans are like that. Some knowledge is just not our cup of tea.

This is where people tend to not see the point all too clearly. Accepting a certain knowledge does not make you wise much less inclined to make the right choice. It just means you accepted the experiences and knowledge that might lead to you less likely making dumb choices in that area when the time comes.

Even then you still might, so what is the point? Ask yourself how do you feel after that decision you made.

You feel good, you happy with the results,?

Great you made the right choice for you, that is. The decision might be interpreted differently by someone else other than you. So what determines a good decision is relative. If you feel ok about it with no regrets then, who cares what anyone else thinks?

You made your decision for you so your point of view on it is what matters. Naturally, if you making a decision for other people or it affects others strongly then your point of view is less important. That does not mean you should not accept knowledge, learn and grow wiser. But be careful of what you accept as truth and what path you walk.

Because everything has a good, a bad and an ugly, you just have to be ok with it.

David Shaw is a certified nerd and scum of the earth.
Jamaican by birth, he enjoys long walks and the simple things in life.
He is also an entrepreneur, writer and graphic designer.
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Wisdom to Make The Right Choice

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